Industrial Polymers and Chemicals, Inc.

IPAC is the industry’s largest supplier of fiberglass reinforcements, but our capabilities are far greater.  We have the capability to coat a variety of materials.  Our coating capability extends to material up to 69 inches (1752.6mm) offering our customers greater flexibility in cutting.

IPAC has focused on the grinding wheel industry for many years, and has become a name synonymous with quality and reliability.  Today we are pursuing new opportunities in prepreg coating of various materials for the construction, boating, defense, and other manufacturing industries.

IPAC manufactures and markets a wide variety of Thermosetting Resins and Systems.  These specialized industrial resins include Liquid Phenolic and other Specialty Resin Systems for applications in the following industries: Composites, Construction Materials, Abrasives, Automotive, Coatings, Electronics and Adhesives.  IPAC also develops and markets Powdered Phenolic and Modified Phenolic Resins for applications in the Friction Materials and Abrasive Industries, among others.

IPAC is capable of producing impregnated composites utilizing fiberglass, carbon, aramid, nylon, polyester, ceramic, and other reinforcements with epoxy, polyester, phenolic, as well as other resin systems for use in aerospace, transportation, Industrial and recreational applications.  Many other industries can be addressed using our coatings on various types of fabric and sheeting.

Our cutting department has capability to 84 inches (2133.6mm) width.  We have both traveling head presses and CNC cutting machines.  Currently we are adding new 30 ton press to increase our capacity.  We offer around the clock production, thus the absolute best deliveries in the industry.