About Us


Industrial Polymers and Chemicals (IPAC) was founded in 1959 by Ralph Dacey and Jerzy Engel, two industry pioneers who shared a vision to serve the Abrasives Industry. In 2000, IPAC purchased the former Quinco Fabrics to become the only totally integrated manufacturer of fiberglass reinforcements. Since that time IPAC has grown to become the industry’s largest supplier of fiberglass reinforcements and the nation’s only fully integrated manufacturer. The vertical integration, from weaving and coating through the cutting process, sets IPAC apart from all other fiberglass reinforcement suppliers. Even before beginning the manufacturing process, our buying power and relationships with materials suppliers offer tremendous benefits to our customers. Primarily the ability to deliver quality products at very competitive prices, along with the shortest delivery times in the industry.

IPAC has invested heavily in new technology. State of the art equipment, including a new CAD cutting machine, has further improved cost efficiencies and the ability to adhere to tight tolerance customer specifications. Our environmental equipment has recently been tested at 99.9% destruction efficiency, as well as 100% compliant with all State and Federal laws. Our mission is to be the best supplier, as well as an outstanding member of the community. Our commitment to clean air and efficient waste management is unparalleled in the industry.

We continue to look to the future, adding new equipment and streamlining our process to insure our customers that we are providing the best value. In 2006 we added a new state of the art cutting press and in 2009 we have added a new CNC cutting machine by Lectra and a new 60 ton cutting press to further enhance our service and quality performance. Our commitment to excellence now and in the future ensures our customers of first quality products delivered on time.

Coating Capabilities

3- Industrial Coating lines (Horizontal) employing 3 zone drying ovens

Dip tank/Squeeze Roller process system> Solvent and Water based resin systems

Phenolic and Epoxy Resins

Coating capacity to 69” wide

Thermal Oxidizer Environmental Treatment

Cutting Capabilities

CAD/CAM cutting to virtually any shape

Toll cutting up to 84” width

Multiple traveling head presses.

Around the clock manufacturing facility