Annual contribution to the Worcester County Food Bank

Industrial Polymers and Chemicals recently received acknowledgement of its annual donation to the Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB). At IPAC, we commend the hard work being done by WCFB as it continues to develop and expand its advocacy efforts while creating effective policies for those in need. This holiday season, we will be reflecting on all that makes us thankful ‑ including the Worcester County community that has been integral to IPAC’s success since 1959. Through its community of partners, donors, [...]

Creating Time through Lean Manufacturing

As an industry leader in fiberglass reinforcements for the bonded abrasives industry, we continue to evolve our products and operational efficiencies at the IPAC facility in Shrewsbury, MA. Lately, we are focusing on multiple Lean Initiatives, including 5S and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). We continue to invest in equipment and processes that will help IPAC deliver the same or better quality at a lower price. We have built an in-house Lean Tiger Team comprised of management and supervisors to accomplish the [...]