Specialty Cutting & Kitting

IPAC employs multiple cutting processes to ensure our customers get the results they need, no matter how complex the shapes. We consider cutting unique materials our specialty.

Our cutting department is capable of handling pieces up to 84 inches (2133.6mm) in width. We have both traveling head presses and CNC cutting machines, and have added a 30-ton press to increase our capacity.

Our die cutting machinery is ideal for cutting fiberglass to your specifications with the least amount of waste. Our sophisticated, computer-aided machinery cuts unique specialty shapes out of durable materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, etc. for industries that range from abrasives to ballistic impact resistance. Customers choose IPAC for our ability to kit and deliver on-time.

We offer specialty cutting of fiberglass, Teflon, aramids, and carbon fiber materials.