Our Fiberglass

IPAC is the industry’s largest supplier of fiberglass reinforcements, but our capabilities are far greater.

IPAC produces impregnated composites utilizing fiberglass, carbon, aramid, nylon, polyester, ceramic, and other reinforcements with epoxy, polyester, phenolic, as well as other resin systems. Our coatings address other various issues through application to fabric and sheeting.

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Fiberglass Weaving, Greige Goods & Pre-Preg By the Roll

To provide our customers the most complete service, we offer fiberglass weaving. We can also provide greige goods (raw fiberglass cloth) and pre-preg fiberglass by the roll for your convenience.

Greige goods and pre-preg fiberglass are available in the same styles as our other fiberglass products. View our greige good and pre-preg fiberglass styles in the Products tab as well.