Powder Resins

IPAC is pleased to offer Homide 250 from HOS-Technik GmbH.

Homide 250 is a high-temperature bismalemide resin suitable for thermosetting.  Homide 250 is the most widely applied bismaleimide resin in high-performance grinding wheels and tools (abrasive binder) thanks to its excellent processability and balance of thermal and mechanical properties.

Homide 250 is an addition-type polyimide prepolymer supplied as a solid yellow powder with a particle size of 100% <200µm.  It has a softening range range of 90 to 115 oC.  The density is 0.3 – 0.5 g/cm3.  The service temperature of tools bound with Homide 250 is 250oC.  Its compatibility with fillers and reinforcements makes this resin well suited for the production of molded components with high heat resistance.

Molding of Diamond or Borazon Abrasive Tools:

Homide 250 is easy to compound or blend using standard equipment.  To produce grinding parts HOMIDE 250 can be used in combination with fillers (e.g. ceramic materials such as silica and alumina) and diamond or CBN components.

Typical Molding Conditions:

  • Molding pressure 300 – 500 bar
  • Molding temperature 180 – 200oC


  • Temperature 220 – 250oC
  • Average time 4 – 12 h