Specialty Cutting & Kitting

IPAC has the ability to accept Computer Aided Design (CAD) files for very complex fabric shapes and cut them to very tight tolerances. Typical fabrics include fiberglass, aramids like carbon fiber and kevlar, plastic, corrugated materials, and more.

We also specialize in combining multiple shapes and sizes into production-ready kits, resulting in reduced production time and cost savings for our customers.

Cutting for Abrasive Wheels

Our cutting department is capable of handling pieces up to 84 inches (2133.6mm) in diameter. Our traveling head presses have optimal nesting capabilities, resulting in minimal wasted material while cutting at very high capacity. Our 30-ton press can handle the toughest materials, like our own fiberglass styles 101 and 103, with precision at high capacity. This enables IPAC to keep our own costs low and pass savings along to customers.

The cut is only as good as the die! IPAC has recently commissioned the development and production of an automated die sharpener. The advantage for our customers is:

  • Better tolerances
  • Little to no shedding of resin at the cutting edge (better bonding in critical areas of the wheel)